‘65 Harley Ironhead – Hazan Motorworks. Via Pipeburn.

All a matter of taste….imho STUNNING.

Art. Looks amazing.

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This three-legged decorated war hero had one leg lost to surgery after taking four rounds from an AK-47.

Those eyes say “Pretend to throw the tennis ball. I dare you to only pretend.”

I just noticed the Purple Heart and that Scroll.
Wow. Just wow. 

Dog is a Ranger…bad MF!

Edited for language, sorry.

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If you were at Terrain you probably caught a glimpse of these beauties. Or maybe you saw them on social media the next morning. Either way, they exist, some survived Terrain, and now you can win one.

Just reblog this photo, use the hashtag #spokanedoesntsuck, and you’ll automatically be entered to win the poster of your choice. Winner will be announced on Friday, October 17, 2014.

And if you just can’t wait, prints are available for sale! $25 for one or $40 for two. Get them while they last. Might be nice on your wall, or a nice gift for someone else’s wall. Email to place orders while they last.

Oh, and that blue ink… it glows in the dark.

Good luck!



Always reblog this bike

What’s already been said..

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Emigrant, Montana

Both  ”A River Runs Through It” and “The Horse Whisperer” were filmed in Emigrant


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UPDATE : The truck has been recovered by Tacoma PD - trailer and motorcycles are still missing. Reward will be bumped up today.


Belmont Shores Car Show (by KID DEUCE)

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